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Lloyd Banks was always the G-Unit member that promised the longest longevity - unable to create a real pop hit and too self-conscious to go full on pop - and he's done an admirable job over the past decade avoiding a taint on his legacy. But this is still more of an indictment on 50 Cent than Lloyd Banks. No one else in the crew was painted as a savior of hardcore NYC hip-hop, and as G-Unit releases over the years have proved none of the group's MCs seem up to the challenge. We will always remember fondly the months following Eminem's Eminem Show during which Lloyd Banks made Ja Rule his personal whipping boy, emphasizing one of the last moments rap beef was powerful enough to mark and end careers. But whether you consider Banks an extremely limited MC trapped in the muck of late's gangster posturing or a guy upholding one of the last "real rap" crews in hip-hop, Hunger for More 2 is probably hard to take as an album that barely meets if not underperforms on expectations. First of all, there's "Beamer, Benz or Bentley".
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50 of Lloyd Banks’ Best Punchlines

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Lloyd Banks - Wikipedia

Jadakiss vs. Lloyd Banks with Mobb Deep as the special guest referee's. The battle before DJ Famous series so expect classic song not heard in awhile from ! Jadakiss Vs. Rating Failed. Favorite Share.
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Lloyd Banks

Verse - Lloyd Banks I'll be a South Side nigga till i rot Even tho i got the yacht in the million dollar bot Superman armor on the '69 drop 0ut of every 70 rappers 69 flop i blowed a buck in the corner, just to get the feel My head light smooth when i move the steering wheel I aint runnin from nothing, its top dollar to chill I pop bottles for real, with pop artists that kill I move 2 mill, my backyard is a field I aint tough for the tube, I'll smack yall for real Go 'head hate on me now, you'll miss a nigga later Im hood like butterholes and pissy elevators I went from playin the same block to Bangkok So i can get money between raindrops And my piece so heavy i pop a chain a week And get so much pussy i cant sleep. Chorus Poppa was a rolling stone, never came back home now Im on my own So i had to learn a few things bout survival, Like the ice pick done off the bottom If you scared dont come 'round here, guns ammunition dont run out here As soon you get the paper you try it, a nigga try me he wont see tomorrow. Verse - Lloyd banks I aint even got a liscence yet and got 7 cars, yep TV the same size as Kevin Garnett A brand new buzz, Mac 10 and a choppa White fan base 'cause Eminem is my partner Im a Ferrari and Jag copper, you a glass shopper I blow marijuana the color of grass hopper I aint a regular nigga All the promoters pay more to bring ya boy to Singapore. My dress code got the best hoes jumpin on em Evisu's and Red Monkey with the monkey on em Shelves'll leave a niggas food stamps blue Like a full tube of acid in ya shampoo We dont tolerate the cock-blockin out the bricks We got fif's with the cop stoppers in the clips Watch ya mouth bitch, there's rocks poppin out the wrists And my outfits, a eyestopper for the chicks. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.
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It quickly became a nationwide hit and cemented Lloyd Banks' name in the Hip Hop scene. The single peaked inside the top ten in the U. The song samples "The Champ", performed by The Mohawks. The chorus contains vocals by 50 Cent , though he is uncredited.
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