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The series adapts a comic book about a white expert in the culture and martial arts style of a fictional Asian culture, and though that setup is outdated and based on the belief that only a white man can be an effective protagonist, Marvel and Netflix kept that intact in Aside from the ethnicity of its hero, the series had just one thing to achieve in order to prove itself worthy: Show off some badass kung fu. A cleverly-choreographed action show would have given it some leeway among critics, but unfortunately, the action is where Iron Fist fails the hardest. If Captain America is the perfect soldier and the Hulk is a big green monster, then Iron Fist should be the avatar of hella sick martial arts.
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Bruce Lee Would Hate 'Iron Fist'

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Operation Iron Fist - FOB Alamo (@) - SP missions - Armaholic

Porcupine Arrow is a hard-kill active protection system APS designed by Israel Military Industries IMI , with a modular design allowing adaptation to a range of platforms ranging from light utility vehicles to heavy armoured fighting vehicles. The system has been successfully tested against a wide variety of threats including rocket-propelled grenades , anti-tank guided missiles and tank-fired HEAT ammunition and kinetic energy penetrators. It senses incoming threats via a fixed active electronically scanned array [1] radar sensor developed by RADA Electronic Industries and an optional passive infrared detector developed by Elbit's Elisra. When a threat is imminent, an explosive projectile interceptor is launched towards it. The interceptor explodes very near the threat, destroying or deflecting and destabilizing it by detonating its warhead.
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Officials: Iraqi minister's brother abducted

The base that Hale and his team, including Dr. Linda Barrie , would infiltrate a Chimeran facility that was built to exploit energy from a geothermal tap and fed to a hub tower and a standard tower. Hale and his team, consisting of four other Sentinels and Dr. Barrie, used Stalkers to infiltrate the base.
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Abdul Jabbar Solagh Jabr was driving in Habibiya, a neighborhood in eastern Baghdad when kidnappers pulled him from his blue Opel, put him in another vehicle and drove away, a police official in the capital said. Officials found identification documents in the Opel. The interior minister's office confirmed that the incident took place. The abduction took place as President Bush warned of escalating violence in advance of Iraq's October 15 constitutional referendum.
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